Agile Training & Coaching

Public & in-company

Agile in the Core offers a broad range of trainings and courses, for professionals interested in agile from a management perspective to technical experts. The planned public courses and trainings are published in our calender. It is also possible to obtain an in-company version of the public courses and trainings. Please contact Geuens David for more information. All trainings and courses are given by experts with teaching skills, having a minimum of ten years experience in their field. 

Half-day Primers

The Agile in the Core Half-day Primer is a pressure cooker course aimed at managers, project team members and stakeholders involved in new ways of working. Instead of reading a book, participants spend one friday afternoon to get acquinted to the relevant theoretic framework, to discuss the adoption in their day to day working situation and to practice with the central techniques. You can take a Primer on the subjects SAFe, Scrum & Kanban. 

One day Ins & Outs

One day Ins & Outs are aimed at stocking participants with immediatly applicable knowledge about the subject at hand. At the moment, Agile in the Core offers two technical oriented One day Ins & Outs on Java Script - standard or advanced. We also offer a One Day Ins & Outs on Personal Agility, for those that want to adjust to new ways of working and at the same time be in control of their workload and results. 

Two day Intensives  

Get a two-day intensive course and be sure to immerse in new knowledge, new thinking and new habits. The two-day intensives are given by leaders in the Agile field, for example Simon Brown, writer of Architecting for Developers. After following a two-day intensive course, participants leave with a brand new toolkit from which they can draw tools for profound results. Some trainings offer an optional exam in order to give professionals the change to certify themselves in a particular subject. 

Agile coaching

A superb way to learn! Confronting real life situations armed with an experienced and friendly Agile coach. This way a transfer of tacit and intuitive knowledge is ensured, leaving the coached person or team with confidence and permanent results. Coaching is always tailored to the need of a person, team or organization. Please contact Jan van Reusel for more information.  

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