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The essence of software development is actually quite simple: creating added value - business value - for the customer by developing high-quality software as productively as possible, each and every day. Close cooperation with customers is crucial to developing the right software. It allows us to receive feedback as soon as possible to finetune and improve the product.

Our mature approach combines the project management principles of the Scrum methodology and typical engineering practices from XP, in addition to our own proven practices for project follow-up, milestone planning, analysis, architecture, development, testing, reporting, change management, etc. We are constantly evolving, just as the world around us. Consequently, certain aspects from Lean and Kanban software development have become common practice. But the objective always remains the same: creating software that works and meets the customer's requirements.

By doing this ourselves for more than seven years in the software factory of Cegeka, we know what it takes to transform an organization towards Agile. It is because of this hands-on experience that we are asked to assist in the transformation of IT in large financials, public administrations and business services. It is in these programs that we apply Agile scaling models in order to lift the benefits of Agile working to the level of functional units, IT-departments or the organization as a whole.

For more information on our transformation services you can contact Johan Lybaert.

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