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While working in most aspects of software delivery since 1998, Olivier has been looking for more efficient ways, to give software users what they need : high-quality, maintainable, user-friendly software that help them in their way of working.   He found it in what's now known as 'Agile Software Development' and has worked as Test-Driven-Developer, Continues-Delivery-Engineer, Architect, Scrummaster, IT-manager and Coach in a wide variety of teams.  A way that is very similar to the Aikido principles he studies since 1999.  It is interesting to find that the aikido/agile values, principles & practices are often the key for real improvement.   Olivier likes personal involvement and loves to see teams ‘gell’ and strive for High-Quality & Fast-feedback.  He will go a long way to help teams to get there. 

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