Agile Architecture

“While we must acknowledge emergence in design and system development, a little planning can avoid much waste.”

Lean Architecture – James O. Coplien

Doing projects waterfall style (aka big design upfront) requires a big initial investment. As a consequence, it is hard to adapt to change because feedback, by design, is very late. Hence change causes a big loss in investment as all design impacted by that change needs to be redone.

Agile on the other hand advocates a ‘no big upfront design’ approach in order to be able to adapt to change easily. However, this does not mean that agile should be abused as an excuse to do ad hoc software development. Working agile does not mean that no upfront design is needed. Instead, adapting to change is achieved by limiting the upfront design effort to the minimum design required to shape a vision and give direction to the solution. This means a focus on the high-level picture without going in too much detail. Those details can be designed later on in an emergent fashion. A principle that we came to call ‘Just Enough Software Architecture’.

This course will give an introduction on agile architecture. Focus will not be limited to system architecture: business architecture and enterprise architecture will be discussed as well.


Following topics will be discussed:

  • Business Architecture
    • business capability
    • impact mapping
    • persona's
    • value stream mapping
    • business processes
    • conceptual model
    • use cases
    • story mapping
    • screen flows
  • System Architecture
    • non-functional requirements
    • application context
    • component diagram
    • container diagram
    • class diagram
    • domain model
    • risks
    • highlighted patterns & architectures
    • devops
    • security
    • build vs. buy
    • highlighted solutions
  • Enterprise Architecture
    • enterprise context
    • context map
    • vision & roadmap
    • strategy
    • foster environment for innovation
    • frameworks


Monday, 25 September, 2017 to Tuesday, 26 September, 2017


Leuven, Belgium

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