Agile for Marketing & Communication projects

Agile for Marketing & Communication Projects

Communication officers and Marketing professionals, be well prepared for the coming years and participate in the training Agile Management of Marketing & Communications Projects. You can opt for the possibility to finish the training with an exam so you can position yourself as certified Agile Foundation marketer or communications expert.

Agile project management is a flexible way to manage projects. Agile is characterized by providing series of partial solutions that create immediate business value so the (internal) customer doesn´t have to wait until the complete solution is delivered in order to start realizing his or her objectives.

One of the best known methodologies under the Agile umbrella is Scrum. As the Dutch professor Betteke van Ruler has shown, Scrum can be used for Marketing & Communication projects, but also to organize the work of a Marketing and Communications team, and thus provide an alternative to working in accordance with an annual plan.

The training provides you with a structured approach, extensive knowledge of the Agile philosophy and the Scrum methodology, the project lifecycle processes and the relevant conceptual framework. Moreover, in breakouts you get acquainted to the necessary skills. How to make a good plan, how do you ensure clients really get involved in the project, what to do when the business brings new demands to the table midway in the project?

You will leave the training with a whole range of new techniques and a huge zest to put them into practice. And soon you know it is really true what they always say: with a different approach, you reach different results.

Trainer: Marielle Roozemond

Date: thursday 29 January & tuesday 3 February

Price: 1200 (exc. VAT)

Day 1:
Overview Agile project life cycle
Reflective Communication Scrum

Day 2:
Working with Scrum: real life case
Agile Project Management



Thursday, 29 January, 2015
Tuesday, 3 February, 2015


Antwerp, Belgium

Target audience: 

All Communication professionals

All Marketing professionals

Required knowledge: 


Maximum nbr participants: 

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excl. VAT

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