JavaScript Basic + Advanced

Standard:The JavaScript standard course introduces the basics of the JavaScript language. In this course we will start off with going over the syntax, and then quickly go to more advanced concepts such as objects in JavaScript, prototypal inheritance, closures, using closures for encapsulation, the module pattern,… We will also cover some of the quirks in JavaScript, and give some tactics on how to avoid those quirks. This course is targeted to developers that are not familiar with JavaScript, but do know some other programming language (such as Java, C#,…). How to manipulate the DOM, events, JavaScript frameworks, Ajax,… and so on is *out* of scope of this course (that’s part of the second JavaScript course). The course lasts the entire day and consists of a mix of theory and programming exercises.Advanced:In JavaScript advanced we will apply everything you learned in JavaScript standard and build an advanced web-application. We will use AngularJS to accomplish this, one of the most popular JavaScript application frameworks. You will learn how to create dynamic applications using databinding, how to create a single-page web application with multiple views, connect to a REST webservice, and how to deal with complex asynchronous APIs. You will learn how to structure bigger applications and keep it testable using dependency injection. You will also learn how to extend AngularJS with your own custom components and functionality. The course lasts the entire day and consists of a mix of theory and programming exercises.


Thursday, 21 September, 2017 to Friday, 22 September, 2017


Leuven, Belgium

Target audience: 


Required knowledge: 

Basic: knowledge programming language (Java/C#/PHP/...)Advanced: followed javascript basic

Maximum nbr participants: 



1 200
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